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Client Overview

New Zealand Trade and Enterprises (NZTE) Indonesia is a bridge connecting the vibrant economies of New Zealand and Indonesia. That's what NZTE Indonesia strives to be, a government agency dedicated to fostering trade, investment, and innovation between the two nations. With an office nestled in Jakarta, they empower New Zealand businesses to thrive in the Indonesian market, offering valuable services like market research, introductions, and regulatory support. Their expertise spans various sectors, from delectable food and beverages to flourishing agriculture, education, and tourism


Our objective is to showcase and promote New Zealand Trade and Enterprises (NZTE), emphasizing New Zealand's expertise in the geothermal sector and NZTE's active role in advancing Indonesia's geothermal industry. Through a public relations approach, we aimed to raise awareness, foster collaboration, and position NZTE as a key contributor to Indonesia's geothermal advancements.


Mataya played a pivotal role in executing our objective. We strategically leveraged our expertise in public relations and communication to highlight NZTE's initiatives in the geothermal sector. Our implementation involved a comprehensive approach, including targeted media campaigns, stakeholder engagement, and the creation of compelling content. Additionally, we facilitated various programs, offering technical assistance, expertise, training, education, and actively participating in aid development initiatives to support Indonesia's geothermal growth.


The implementation of our strategic communication efforts resulted in a significant elevation of awareness regarding NZTE's contributions to Indonesia's geothermal sector. We successfully positioned NZTE as a valuable partner, showcasing their commitment through tangible support initiatives. The campaign fostered collaboration, strengthened bilateral ties, and underscored the importance of New Zealand's role in advancing Indonesia's geothermal industry.