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Client Overview

ABB Indonesia is a technology company specializing in sustainable energy solutions. Mataya has collaborated with ABB Indonesia to develop comprehensive public relations and communication strategies that assist in conveying ABB's commitment to supporting industries, making energy efficiency accessible for all, and promoting ABB’s thought leadership in Energy Efficiency to support various industries and customers in Indonesia.


Empower ABB to assert its position as the foremost industry leader in energy-efficient technology within Indonesia, garnering recognition as the country's preferred employer while playing a pivotal role in driving the decarbonization of industries and championing climate action.


Mataya Communications assisted ABB to position itself as Indonesia’s industry leader in energy efficient motion technology by creating personalized messages and content that resonate with specific audience segments, addressing the needs and interests of customers, partners, employees, and other groups of stakeholders. In addition to that, we establish a unified approach to PR initiatives to ensure consistent messaging, focus, and scalability across different markets. We believe that by fostering the strengths of ABB Motion Indonesia and its roles to the country’s net zero target achievement, while still leveraging ABB Motion's global presence in the PR efforts.


From the moment we begin our onboarding to the placement of ABB impactful energy efficiency campaign, we are constantly learning, testing, optimizing, and scaling the stories that will make ABB Motion campaign go noticeable. We do our research and provide a deep dive into the ABB business and make it feel like an extension of the ABB team from day one. As a boutique PR Agency, our team at Mataya Communications uses our resources and talent to create one-of-a-kind PR strategies and the cutting-edge tools needed to flawlessly execute and exceed KPIs. We not only react to the news, but to create it, and our in-house data team is constantly discovering fascinating, news-worthy insights that help the ABB brand stand out. Our approach to ABB is to develop an ever-evolving series of story concepts surrounding energy efficiency that are simultaneously concise enough to reach reporters in ways and on levels that are most intriguing to them.