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Client Overview

Elixir Medical Corporation, headquartered in Milpitas, California, is a pioneering privately-held company that specializes in developing disruptive platforms to address both coronary and peripheral artery disease. Positioned in the heart of Silicon Valley, USA, a hub renowned for technological innovation and knowledge breakthroughs, Elixir's technologies hold immense potential with various applications across the cardiovascular spectrum. As part of Elixir’s mandate in its Indonesian market, the company aims to highlight its groundbreaking Bioadaptor, an innovative addition to their portfolio. With 18 years of invaluable experience in technological development, Elixir continues to lead in producing cutting-edge solutions for the treatment of Coronary Artery Disease, further solidifying its position as a trailblazer in cardiovascular technologies


Mataya Communications plays a pivotal role in supporting Elixir Medical Corporation across multiple facets, amplifying engagement with patients and the entire value chain, encompassing doctors, hospitals, and insurance providers. Our involvement extends to promoting awareness and fostering a positive reputation through impactful integrated marketing communications events and public relations efforts. In addition, we actively contribute to fortifying Elixir Medical Corporation's brand credibility and visibility. Part of our collaborative effort includes showcasing the innovative Bioadaptor, an integral aspect of Elixir Medical Corporation's offerings. This strategic approach not only attracts new followers but also cultivates patient interest in the groundbreaking solutions provided by the organization.


Mataya has been collaborating with Elixir Medical for the last few years, spearheading an inclusive marketing campaign and PR strategy. Our focus extends to engaging with various stakeholders, from patients to doctors, hospitals, and insurance providers. Our efforts aim to elevate brand awareness and reputation, emphasizing Bioadaptor's features and success stories through targeted events and PR initiatives. Specifically, we're launching JagaJantung, a brand created to serve as a platform. It facilitates patient understanding of coronary heart disease and Bioadaptor treatment, while also aiding interventional cardiologists in comprehending Bioadaptor's features. Additionally, we are set to enhance the brand's online presence with an upcoming website launch, ensuring credibility, visibility, and attracting new followers and patients.


From June 2022 - present, Mataya has been managing JagaJantung aslaunched an integrated marketing and communications program that includes Social Media and event Management as well as Public Relations campaigns. During our service, we have contributed to increase awareness and promote knowledge about coronary artery disease, prevention and treatments. These can be seen in social media growth as well as other indicators deriving from a series of offline events and community engagement and PR activities, such as press coverage and network expansion.