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Client Overview

Established in 2015, PasarPolis is Southeast Asia's leading insurance technology (Insurtech) company based in Indonesia, aiming to democratize insurance by providing affordable products accessible to all. Leveraging innovative technology, PasarPolis ensures a seamless user experience throughout the insurance process.

Additionally, PT Asuransi Untuk Semua, known as Tap Insure, is a significant player in Indonesia's digital insurance realm, officially authorized by the Financial Services Authority with a license issued on November 17, 2022 (KEP-56/D.05/2022). Tap Insure is committed to serving all segments of the Indonesian population, offering a comprehensive range of affordable general insurance products with a streamlined and secure claims process. Emphasizing continuous innovation, Tap Insure focuses on delivering high-quality insurance solutions, catering to diverse needs, and fostering widespread access. The company actively collaborates with stakeholders in the insurance sector and other industries to address real-life challenges, anticipating positive growth in expanding insurance accessibility across diverse segments of society.


Elevating PasarPolis' Brand Trust as a Leading Insurtech Ecosystem involves a concentrated effort to fortify the reputation and credibility of PasarPolis as a preeminent and trusted insurance technology provider, fostering trust among its audience. Simultaneously, the establishment of Tap Insure, an affiliated company of PasarPolis, is focused on cultivating a beloved digital insurance brand by creating a robust and positive emotional connection with its target audience. This encompasses not only delivering high-quality digital insurance products but also crafting a brand identity that deeply resonates with people.


Mataya Communications played a crucial role in bolstering PasarPolis's brand as a Leading Insurtech Ecosystem, emphasizing trust-building through exceptional customer service, success showcases, transparent information delivery, and technological innovation demonstration. The strategic execution included press conferences, press releases, media visits, and executive messaging assistance to effectively communicate PasarPolis's commitment to financial literacy enhancement in Indonesia. Simultaneously, Mataya Communications worked on establishing Tap Insure, PasarPolis's strategic partner, as a beloved digital insurance brand. This involved creating a strong emotional connection through user-friendly interfaces, personalized customer experiences, innovative solutions, and effective communication. The goal is to position Tap Insure as a brand that not only meets customers' needs but is genuinely adored and recommended to others.


Mataya Communications successfully raised awareness for PasarPolis Mitra, positioning it as a key distribution channel for PasarPolis. Our efforts extended to strengthening the company's ties with media outlets through impactful media visits, while also establishing PasarPolis as a thought leader in the industry via exclusive interviews with prominent lifestyle media outlets. Additionally, Mataya played a pivotal role in executing PR initiatives for Tap Insure, an affiliated company of PasarPolis, generating positive media coverage when the company partnered with a Korean conglomerate insurance company.