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Adira Finance

Client Overview and, both initiatives by Adira Finance, are platforms facilitating the buying and selling of cars and motorcycles, respectively., launched on December 26, 2016, offers a diverse range of used and new cars from various brands, providing direct transaction capabilities between sellers and buyers. Buyers can also benefit from financing options through Adira Finance. Similarly,, launched on July 22, 2018, features used and new motorcycles for direct transactions, with financing options available through Adira Finance. Additionally, serves as an online platform for car and motorcycle drivers to book services offered by Adira Finance in collaboration with over 2300 workshops across Indonesia.


Elevating Momobil, Momotor, and Moservice within the public sphere involves consistently communicating the brand's unique advantages through effective media relations and publications. Our goal is to position Momobil, Momotor, and Moservice as the foremost players and authoritative voices in the automotive marketplace. Emphasizing the transformative impact on accessibility, convenience, transparency, and overall comfort in motor vehicle transactions, we underscore the positive changes brought to stakeholders through technological innovation and exceptional services. Our strategic approach aims to establish Momobil, Momotor, and Moservice as not just platforms but as key contributors to advancing the automotive industry landscape.


Mataya Communications played a key role in promoting Momobil, Momotor, and Moservice's participation in the annual event, ADIRA Fest 2023, hosted by their parent company, Adira Finance, in Medan, North Sumatra. Our efforts aimed to attract a diverse audience to the booths of these companies during the event, as well as raise awareness about ADIRA Fest 2023 and the brands involved in the event.


The concerted effort not only garnered numerous positive media coverages but also played a pivotal role in raising awareness about ADIRA Fest 2023 and the Momobil, Momotor, and Moservice brands. The coverage highlighted the successful outcomes with an overall positive tone, contributing significantly to enhancing visibility and recognition for the event and the respective brands.