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Client Overview

Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, G2Academy, a digital technology academy and provider of innovative digital technology solutions, is a visionary force dedicated to 'Shaping the Future of the Digital Nation.' Committed to realizing this vision, G2Academy implements the digital imperative by offering cutting-edge digital technology education, fostering an integrated digital talent pipeline, delivering innovative technology solutions, and utilizing an AI-powered educational platform. Mataya Communications is proud to collaborate with G2Academy in advancing their mission and contributing to the digital evolution


In our partnership with G2Academy, our primary objective has been to sculpt their corporate reputation as a foremost technology solutions enabler, harmonizing with the national initiative of nurturing 9 million digital talents by 2030. This collaborative endeavor extends to highlighting G2Academy's profound expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) among crucial stakeholders, as well as sharing insightful perspectives on the future of industries driven by AI-powered technologies. Our comprehensive approach encompasses strategic publications, the cultivation of personal branding, and the implementation of effective media relations strategies


Mataya Communications employed a comprehensive strategy in delivering its services to G2Academy. The approach included an Editors Luncheon and Discussion, serving as a compelling kickoff to the media campaign. This was followed by two exclusive media interviews featuring G2Academy's CEO and another with a top executive, strategically supporting the thought leadership strategy and resulting in the publication of in-depth articles in prominent tier one media outlets. Additionally, Mataya organized a press conference for the launch of the Indodigi program, a collaborative initiative with Binus Online Learning. The agency also played a pivotal role in developing a press release highlighting G2Academy's new curriculum, pitching a thought-provoking article that addressed the limitations of AI, creating a profiling article focusing on G2Academy's CEO, and arranging media visits to three distinct outlets. These initiatives collectively strengthened G2Academy's relationship with the media and contributed to a successful and impactful campaign.


In our collaboration with G2Academy, our objective is to strategically shape and refine the narratives and content that best represent their mission. As seasoned PR consultants, we bring our expertise to discern stories that are not only worth telling but also resonate effectively with the intended audience. We ensure that valuable time is utilized efficiently by focusing on narratives that align with G2Academy's goals. One notable aspect of our support involved guiding the selection of a compelling story through a thought leadership article. This piece effectively highlights the institution's remarkable accomplishments, ensuring it garners the attention it rightfully deserves from stakeholders.